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Seafood Markets

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Fresh fish and shrimp

Fresh Seafood Markets

There are several fresh seafood market in the Myrtle Beach area, from Calabash, North Carolina, to Murrells Inlet South Carolina.

Jumbo shrimpOne way to make sure you find the best fresh seafood is to find one owned and operated by a fishing family, one who has been in the fishing business for generations, and you'll see and taste the difference in having a real fisherman sell and serve you the fish he catches.

A fresh seafood market run by a fisherman's family features the very freshest fish and shrimp available.

Most such markets are located just a stone's throw from the boats.

Even better than a fisherman's market is a market and grill, where the family not only sells, but also cooks part of their catches.

That's where you can enjoy lunch or an early dinner plate filled with the freshest, best-tasting southern-cooked seafood anywhere.

The very best such places have Shrimp, Crabs and Crab Meat, Oysters, Lobster Tails, Clams, Snow Crab Legs, Stone Crab Claws, Scallops, Croaker, Spots, Mullet, Grouper, Red Snapper, Seabass, Steamed Crab and Shrimp, Every Fish You Can Catch and More.

They may also carry Bait, Tackle, Fishing Supplies, Drinks, Snacks, Ice, Coolers, Seafood Seasonings, Sauces, Breadings and condiments.!

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